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Sunday, February 6, 2011

Only Heaven Knows…

For years, there’s no one else around to see what’s going on with our lives and the things that we have to go through;  and were both scared of what might be. I ask myself what if I did not love you, would everything be better?

For years, I’ve allowed myself to fall for a long time… I did it all, holding on to a hope that you will reach for my hand and together, we'll face the world who wouldn’t understand ...

Everyday is a struggle I should face…  to pay the prize of wanting this race, but what of it that makes me stay...

In lies and deception,  what would love say? … when the only sound I hear is the beating of our hearts and with your very touch , true happiness starts!!!

Can I let this go?

All I want is to be true to myself and face the truth… that no matter what I do, I really love you.  I will stay with you forever, and for some reason, I know this is really worth fighting for... Love you babe!!!!!


A very touching message from a very special and important person in my life… at the most crucial stage of my existence. 

Our story is quite an uphill battle… really, it’s a “CLIMB”… as the song goes…

I can almost see it

That dream I am dreaming

But there’s a voice inside my head saying

“You’ll never reach it”

For years, I’ve always hope we’re gonna make it; sometimes, I can almost see it happening.  But I guess it was just my imagination working at its best. 

The struggles I am facing

The chances I am taking

Sometimes might knock me down

But no, I’m not breaking

Yes, definitely I am not about to break… I gotta keep on trying; I just have to remember our moments to keep pushing on!!!

You’ve been the pillar of my strength, the core of my very being.  I am where I am now, still standing despite of everything, because you love me.  A love that is overflowing, so selfless, so giving, so caring, so compassionate, very patient and understanding.  What more can I ask for?

That dream we are dreaming… maybe it’s about time we forego of it… not that we don’t aspire for it anymore… but for us to go on, to move ahead and start doing things that will also make us happy.  And in time I know that God will finally lead us to the road we’ve always longed to take. And as another song goes…

Somewhere out there

If love can see us through

Then we’ll be together

Somewhere out there

Out where dreams come true!


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