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Monday, June 1, 2009

Winning Moments and Performances

Congratulations both to Kurt and Kamillo (Bel’s sons, a very dear friend of mine)  for winning their “first boxing fight” held last May 30, 2009 at Elorde Gym at Sucat, Paranaque.  They are part of the Katipunan  group and here is their poster as shown in the lobby premises of the gym.


and here is the proud mama with her two handsome guys before the fight…(sorry for the wrong date in the picture…I wasn’t able to update it ha ha)


and me posing with the gwapito brothers…and included in the picture is the youngest,  Kylie,  also a “boxer in the making” ha ha….


and some moments of the rest of the “cheering squad”…. and warm-up exercises of the two  while waiting for the boxing fights to begin, around 1:30 pm.  There are numerous fights scheduled that day, with so many branches competing like SM Southmall, Taft, Gilmore, Pasig and so many others.  Kurt was 3rd while Kamillo was 18th on the fight list.


and we (w/ Irene, Kamillo’s girl) had also the opportunity to pose with a celebrity comedian by the name of Dennis Padilla… Kempee de Leon, a youngstar, was also around but too bad, we weren’t able to take pictures with him….



And now the Main Event…….

Presenting Kurt’s (in yellow uniform)  winning performance in  a two-round fight…

Kurt’s winning moment…after a glorious two-round fight!!!!


and here’s an album showcasing Kurt’s boxing performance…


Kamillo’s Moments….

He really did came up with a superb performance I must say.   He was able to recover fast enough, displayed an amazing composure and eventually won the fight.  His opponent did play dirty tricks on him and apparently that bounced on him, praise God.  Too bad I was able to capture on video only his first round fight because my digicam registered a “memory card full” would you believe ha ha!!!  At that time when I needed it most!!!!  (I learned a very important lesson that day,  and that is to check out the capacity of my memory card…which I never bothered before ha ha!!!!)



and here are some snapshots of the actual boxing fight of Mill….


It was so much fun seeing these young guys doing their new-found passion.  I also never thought it would be that thrilling and fulfilling to watch a boxing fight.  But it is really different when the person inside the ring is someone dear to you.  All emotions will come in… you would even forget you are sick. 

So again…congratulations guys!!!  And thank you for an amazing and unforgettable experience.  Till your next fight!!!!


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