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Thursday, July 9, 2009

Time to Move On…

After much thought, I guess its about  time to move on to other interests.  It’s a painful decision because I really love the craft and it gives me so much joy and happiness…

I began to love digiscrapping last quarter of last year and started blogging about it end of January.  It’s almost my passion for the moment that it really eats my time.  But I don’t have any regrets putting so much time and effort into it.  I have nothing to gain here…i didn’t sell them nor I intend to.  It was self-fulfillment on my part and the desire to share them with all digiscrap lovers.

At this point, I just want to thank all those who appreciated what I have offered and so sorry for those who felt offended one way or the other by it. 

I will still keep my blog… to share my thoughts, my finds, my experiences  and my journey in life….

And to all digiscrap lovers, do enjoy your passion!!!



  1. Hi, you can try to make your own designs like us at GCU and not use others artworks. Try it - it is real fun and joy!

  2. Please remove all images from all artists you have copied from Greeting Card Universe. All of these images are copyrighted by the individual artists. Using their images in any manner without the artists' permission is infringing on their rights and is illegal.
    Thank you,
    Mindy Rosso
    GCU Community Manager

  3. The items you have used from Greeting Card Universe in your personal layouts (scrapbook pages) and blog header is per most of their TOU's despite what Mindy Rosso states. If you add them to a kit and then pass them onto your readers, than that is piracy (illegal, stealing). You do not have to remove your personal creations that used these items (scrapbook pages) because that is what they have created these items for - personal use. Anyway, there are so many wonderful designers out there, if this community is going to be that way, expecting you to even remove your scrapbook pages from your blog, then they don't deserve your business nor do your readers need to visit them. I have been a graphics designer since high school (20+ years). Don't let this get you down and quit preserving your memories. This should be a fun hobby and a rewarding one.


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