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Monday, August 10, 2009

“ The” Corazon Cojuangco Aquino…

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So much has been said with the passing of a great lady by the named of Corazon Cojuangco Aquino….and I take pride in being a fellow Filipina…

And I just can’t helped but share with all of you all those beautiful things that have been written about her…

Time Magazine called her the “People Power’s Philippine Saint.  And in its Asia Edition Volume 174 No. 6, the “Saint of Democracy”…  "She was a good woman whose goodness alone, at the very end, was what proved enough, if only by an iota, to save her country," the Time article said.
The magazine also highlighted their 1986 cover story on Aquino, where they declared her that year's Woman of the Year - the second woman to hold that honor.

"For many Filipinos, she embodied a hope of becoming a better nation and a prouder people," a New York Times obituary on the former Philippine leader said. "Although often criticized as an indecisive and ineffectual leader,  Aquino combined passivity and stubbornness and an unexpected shrewdness to hold firm against powerful opponents from both the right and the left," it added.

The Los Angeles Times called her "[a] courageous woman who emerged as a reluctant leader at a time of national crisis."

Her rise to power was described as a "phenomenal metamorphosis" by the Washington Post in its obituary.

Through it all, there is one quotation from her that really befits “the” Corazon Aquino, and that is, “I would rather die a meaningful death than to live a meaningless life.”

Lastly, I would like to share with all of you a prayer entitled “Prayer for a Happy Death” made by her in 2004 and which was printed on the missalette  given out during her burial mass last August 5. (Note:  Image by Kel San Juan)


Almighty God, most merciful Father
You alone know the time
You alone know the hour
You alone know the moment
When I shall breathe my last

So, remind me each day,
most loving Father
To be the best that I can be
To be humble, to be kind,
To be patient, to be true
To embrace what is good,
To reject what is evil,
To adore only You

When the final moment does come
Let not my loved ones grieve for long
Let them comfort each other
And let them know
how much happiness
They brought into my life
Let them pray for me,
As I will continue to pray for them,
Hoping that they will always pray
for each other

Let them know that they made possible
Whatever good I offered to our world.
And let them realize that our separation
Is just for a short while
As we prepare for our reunion in eternity

Our Father in heaven,
You alone are my hope
You alone are my salvation
Thank you for your unconditional love, Amen



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