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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Happy Birthday Mama Mary

Today is the Feast of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary,  also known as “Mama Mary’s birthday”…

2835632282_c5f92d850d Note:  Image courtesy of Flickr’s gEmstAh’s photostream…

A Prayer to Mama Mary

by Dine Racoma

Mother of Jesus
greatest Mother of all
Mother of mine
humbly in thee I call

when trials come my way
you are there to call on to
your hands gently holding mine
i find real comfort in you

i draw on your strength
a Mother who was witness
to her Son’s sufferings
bearing them all in her chest

and I always keep in mind
Jesus must have loved you
the most, being His mother
here on earth, in heaven, too

that is why through you I ask
protect my family and friends from harm
that lurk in this world, sometimes
even in the guise of a loving arm

protect my country from all ills
man made and called by nature
show our leaders the right way
for Filipinos to have a good future

cover our world with your loving arms
this I ask and the rest of your children, too
no wars, no strife, no colors, no race
that people may be one in peace so true

thank you, dear Mother
for being always there for me
I love you, dear Mother
and so, does my family.



  1. Hi Miss Tess, i was really inspired by ur prayer, can i ask permission to share it on facebook.

  2. Inspiring prayer.. Happy Birthday mama Mary! :)

  3. Happy birthday Mama Mary! I love you.


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