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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Still on my Pet Society…

It’s almost a month now since my last blog huh!!!!  It’s that long to do some postings, I just can’t believed it really.  I still had not find the time to go back to my scrapbooking affairs… quite busy doing application games on my facebook account and attending to my son’s activities too.

After that Halloween theme last November 1, it’s thanksgiving this time at Pet Society.  Before that, they had also these fairy elements.  My Hannah already had undergone several transformations… and here are some of them..

Hannah04Hannah05 hannah06 hannah fairy hannah rock hannah red hannah black And for the thanksgiving theme, this is how it looks like in Hannah’s place now..

Untitled-21 and she’s got several rooms now and much-improved too since the time that I posted them here!!! Take a look…









I am looking forward to an additional room and I want a kitchen perhaps for Hannah this time around!!!

I did also try my hand at Farmville and I’m quite addicted to it also with it now.  Since I had decorated most of Hannah’s rooms, my time now is focused with my Farmville.  It’s still a long way to go with my farm though… take a peek …

15144_1148843405919_1372596197_30350056_4141914_n It’s thanksgiving atmosphere too at Farmville and so turkeys abound… aren’t they cute feasting on that table ha ha!!!!

15144_1148844805954_1372596197_30350060_4167621_n and flowers are bountiful too at this time around … and so garden shed is available now as well as flowers that stay in bloom for two weeks…that really is beautiful huh… I really loved that thing now!!!

15144_1148837725777_1372596197_30350045_1743259_n I am into Restaurant City too as I had mentioned in my last post.  But I got tired of it by now (as well as My Cafe World).  It’s quite boring for me now…

Well, that’s just for now… hope I can do some postings more !!!


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