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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Halloween Fever is on at Pet Society

Yes!!!  That’s right…the halloween fever is on at Facebook’s Pet Society!!! And here is how my Hannah looks like now…isn’t she “spooky” cutie???

Hannah03And so, Hannah’s living room just underwent a slight renovation to keep up with the current theme…and here it is!!!

Hannah houseHannah also did visit a friend’s house, Winny Minny, for that spooky party…


and went to an ice-cream party too, hosted by JilyMily (the one w/ cucumber eyes ha ha!!!)…

Ice Cream

And aside from Pet Society, I am engrossed now too with Restaurant City.  It is called “Heaven Sent Cafe” and my pet society friends did attend its opening night!!!   One of these days, I will show how the interior looks like!!!  Till my next update :-)



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