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Thought is a vital, living dynamic power - the greatest force on earth. We live in a world of thoughts. Everyone has his own thought-world! They control your life, mold your character and shape your destiny. Always remember, "A pure thought" is sharper than the edge of a razor! This blog will be your journey to my inner well as my creations....come and "sail" with me....

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

My “Pet Society” Update

Three days ago, I introduced to all of you my pet “Hannah”.  She’s got a new look now…take a peek!!!

Hannah01 And her house also took some renovations… adding a front garden to her abode now!!!

Hannah's World This is Hannah’s front garden…still waiting for the trees to bear fruits.  Quite a long time to harvest really ha ha!!!

Hannah's Garden and her living room…as you can see, so many things have been added to make it a very cozy one!!!

Hannah's Living Room and the bedroom.. she’s got a wardrobe collection now and some knick-knacks too!!!

Hannah's Bedroom and her aquarium.  She stopped fishing for now since its quite loaded now already!!!

Hannah's Aquarium

Well, that’s it for now from Hannah!!!  We’ll keep you posted in a few days perhaps???


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