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Saturday, April 18, 2009

What’s in a KITE?

A Kite symbolizes many things for me…





soaring high


It also symbolizes how we can let our cares and concerns fly into the hands of God…


When I saw this image in one of my surfing moods (actually with a very special person who requested for a kite motif ), I cannot help but download it for it somehow captures my life’s stage as of the moment. 

Two people stuck in the middle of a “hanging” bridge  for so long,  trying to hold on that  kite which symbolizes their freedom, hope and faith that someday things will fall into place.

The black tree at the left is the “dead life” that keeps hounding the two people, not wanting to break-free, not wanting to let go! It is a life full of hatred, pain, misery, revenge, manipulation, all sorts of evil things and schemes!!!  It is pure black as I see for there is no goodness left in his heart right now, and maybe for still a long long while…

At the other side of life, nothing is definite.  Nothing in sight.  Because  we never know what really lies ahead.  Will it be a happy ending after all?  Or will it be even a more “darker place” than the black tree at the left… nobody really can tell.  But does it matter? 

Everything seems at a standstill now.  Tragedy, sickness,  pain….they keep coming, one after the other.   No let-up… no mercy.  But mercy is not in his vocabulary, that I know now.

When will we conquer evil?  Up to when will we have to endure? Will we ever survive everything in this lifetime? Or we just let go now and find each other up there, where evil doesn’t exists at all?

Up to when will the kite fly? Up to when, the one with the string, hold on to it?  Only the ONE up there knows for sure!!!

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