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Saturday, April 25, 2009

What’s with MediaFire today????

What seems to be the problem with MediaFire today???? 

When I checked with them today (April 26, 7:37 AM my date/time), all my files are no longer there.  And when I double-checked it by trying to download a file, my files can’t be found!!!!

Last night, I was trying to upload my Mother’s Day QP Part 2 and failed to do so.  It was verifying the file for too long that I stopped trying. 

And now,  all files are gone????  I hope not.  I haven’t kept a copy of my recent uploads in MediaFire due to space constraints in my computer.  The bad side of it is that some of these files I havent’ uploaded them in my 4-shared account!!! 

I just hope and pray that it is a temporary technical problem and that things will be back to normal in no time…  And the thing is now… I have learned my lesson well…. I should always keep a copy of my files and that I should at least have 2 or 3 download free-file hosting sites no matter how tedious it will be for me.  I just can’t truly rely on them huh!!!

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