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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

It’s My “100th” Blogging Day!!!

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Yes my dear friends…today I celebrate my “100th” blogging day!!!!  I still have the same level of passion with my new-found thing and everyday is “still” a learning process for me.  I still do get excited with my finds and of what I can do with them.  My mind is bursting with so many ideas and sometimes it aches when I can’t seem to find a way how to convert those ideas to reality ha ha….well, don’t worry I am a very patient person and I believe there’s a time for everything!!!  Because somehow I manage to learn the things that I can do now and being able to share my “little talent” in digiscrapping.

And again, thank you to all who had find their way to my place.  I am just too happy to see that in one month time, my visitor counter went up by 4,000!!!  Isn’t that amazing?  Thanks a lot to all of you especially to those who leave some love in my site and in my 4-shared account!!!!

Gotta go now and be back for more freebies greetings0


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