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Sunday, May 3, 2009

QP’s for Baby: A Sneak Preview

A few days ago, I made several quickpages in time for this month’s Mother’s Day celebration.  In collaboration with that, I thought it might also be fitting and timely to make quickpages for babies especially for those who are having their “first-born”…And so you can combine the “mother” and the “baby” QP’s and turn your precious photos into a mini album of sorts… wouldn’t that be so sweet?

And so here’s a sneak preview of my Baby Quickpages.  There are five for each and this is for the “Baby Girl”…

SimplyTess BabyGirl QP Preview

and for the “Baby Boy”…  and the theme of the quickpages …

Along Came A Baby

Baby’s Big Day

New Beginnings

Unexpected Blessings

Music of my Life

SimplyTess Baby Boy QP Preview

For five days, starting tomorrow, I will be giving these QP’s by theme.  I will include both (boy/girl) in one zip file.

So for all mothers out there, please be back tomorrow for the freebies….


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