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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Stamps: Another Version

After a couple of e-mails, I somehow understood what Deane was looking for…it was “stamp” but not the postage ones…and here are some samples (w/ background for preview only) so you will have an idea what I am talking about here….

Untitled-a1 copy Untisssstled-1 copy Untitled-1 copy



Stamp Preview

And so I might be doing these elements in the few days to come.  I have a few done already.  Deane wants to put happy anniversary, about school, etc in the stamp.  If there are other features in the stamp that you want to be included in this kit, please just say so and I will try my very best to make them.  I will be honest if I can’t do what is requested of me.


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  1. Just gorgeous! Thanks so much. Hugz, diane


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