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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

My Followers Gadget

A friend and also one of the generous designers in the digiscrapping world,  Chingjp Designs,  suggested that why don’t I add a Follower’s Gadget.  Actually, I’ve been contemplating on having that one when I was starting to build-up my blog, but hesitant to do so at that time because I was thinking, who would bother add his or her name and why should they follow my blog when I have nothing to offer. 

But since I noticed that the count of my visitors increased tremendously in a matter of days since Digifree found me, from 485 (January 27 to March 21)  to 1444 visitors as of today  March 25, yes maybe it’s about time that I add this gadget.  I just hope my dear visitors that you would take time to have your name listed.  I would love to see who are those people that are spending their precious time with my blog.

Again, thanks for always visiting my site.

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