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Thought is a vital, living dynamic power - the greatest force on earth. We live in a world of thoughts. Everyone has his own thought-world! They control your life, mold your character and shape your destiny. Always remember, "A pure thought" is sharper than the edge of a razor! This blog will be your journey to my inner well as my creations....come and "sail" with me....

Saturday, March 21, 2009

What’s My Blog?

What is a blog?

And what should it contained?

Should it be “deep” for it to be considered a “true blog”?

When I started my blog for almost two months ago now,  all I ever wanted then was to have an outlet for my “so-called” creations, which I just love to share with anyone who would be interested in them.  As I mentioned in my profile then,  I was slowly finding myself in the world of digiscrapping.

But then,  it also occurred in my mind, that there might be things that might interest me for that matter…and so My Photoblog was born in the process.  In here, you can see what I have searched, my finds and my own interpretations… with the hope that somebody out there will also like what I had found, and in the process know where to find them by posting the links and as an added bonus, also appreciates what I had made out of my finds.

As my text header says, My Simple Thoughts N’ Creations will be your journey to my inner thoughts…as well as my creations and that I want all of you to “come and sail” with me…

And as what my blog name connotes, “Simply Me, Tess", means I am that “simple” … I never presented myself as a “deep” person nor have I paraded myself to be one.  If what I am doing in my blog is not that deep, then I am just sorry for that.  Sorry that it did not pass your criteria of what a blog should be….and I am quite saddened by it.

But then, this is life.  I know we can not just please everybody.  As I said, when I did my first post, my thoughts then was “Will somebody out there take a look at my blog…will they take time out reading it…how on earth will they find my blog… and so on and so forth”.  But to my surprise, they did find me!!!  As of this writing, I have 485 visitors from 48 countries and that’s something for me.  It may not be “big” for others, but it is for me!!!

And I am thankful for all of those who took time out to send messages here at my blogsite and for those sending e-mails just to let me know that they appreciate my work. 

And most of all, to all of those designers who are so generous with their talent and time.  They spend their precious time with me, teaching me how to do things, like a baby that’s starting to “live and grow”.  And I thank God for people like them for they are indeed heaven-sent!!!

It’s a “sad” day for me but I know I will be back for sure because I know that there are those who find good things in my blog.

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