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Saturday, February 21, 2009

Presenting My Charice Favorites

Have you ever heard a "little girl" by the name of "Charice Pempengco"?

Well, she is a 16 year-old filipina and giving great honors for our country through singing.  Her fame started when somebody by the name of FalseVoice uploaded at YouTube her singing stint (w/ her almost signature song now...And I Am Telling You from Dream Girls) in a Korean talent search.  This was also the video that caught Ellen's eyes that paved the way for her travelling to US for a guesting stint at Ellen de Generes Show, and later followed by two performances at Ophra.  And thru Ophra, she was given the opportunity to sing with one of her favorites... the Celine Dion.  She's being handled by the well-known David Foster and her latest superb performance was when she sang "God Bless America" at US Pre-Inaugural Balls. I heard she will also be a part of the coming Oscar Awards Post Celebration Party and I just can't wait to see what she will do this time around. 

These videos are just a few of my favorites to watch especially her version of "I Will Survive" which she did at Good Morning America Show (I really don't know why after the video has ended, it automatically continous to play.  I don't want to delete it here either because I am so proud of her here.  Guess you just have to get out out my blogsite :-( after viewing the video).  There are still a lot videos out there and you can all catch them at YouTube.

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  1. Hi Tess...thank you 4 the award but i already have this on hon,but thanx anyway.A great sunday for you your family.Hugzz.


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