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Thursday, February 5, 2009

Unforgettable Parts of My Readings...

In this post are some parts of the articles that i have read and which I always want to go back to,  to read and re-read them because they enlighten…they uplift….they give comfort or just pure solace to me….

So I hope they will also do the same to you guys…

"It is good to know that God loves us so much that even when we make mistakes, He can get value out of our blunders if our heart is right toward Him." - Joyce Meyer, Joy in God’s Waiting Room

"The tongue can ruin a relationship.  It can usher in depression.  It can wound a friend, or through rudeness, hurt someone we barely know." Joyce Meyer, Enjoying Where You Are on the Way to Where You Are Going, Don’t Poison Your Joy

"Father, even when my faith is weak, your faithfulness is strong.  You always help me because I am your child.  Thank you for always carrying out your promises to me." a prayer by Dodie Osteen, Choosing Life One Day at a Time

"Why does God make us wait for healing? Waiting is the difficult part.  How well we wait reveals whether we have faith in God." Joyce Meyer

"Until you can be happy for other people when they are blessed, you will never have these kind of things happen to you."  Joyce Meyer

"The temptation exists to run away from our problems, but the Lord says that we are to go through them.  The good news is that He has promised that we will never have to go through them alone.  He has said to us, "Fear not for I am with you." Joyce Meyer 

Joel Osteen says, "God has everything you need - joy, forgiveness, restoration, peace, healing - anything you need to live at your full potential. It’s all waiting for you at God’s banquet table, if you’ll pull up your chair and take the place He has prepared for you.  Best of all, the price has already been paid."

"Trials come because they help strenghthen our faith. God doesn’t want us to suffer, but He does want us to surrender everythig and draw ever closer to Him.  Our faith comes to light during moments of darkness in our life.  It will serve as our flashlight, our north star or our compass to lead us into God’s love andprotection, and His loving guidance will see us through to better, more joyful days.  All he asks is that we keep our eyes on Him." - Kris Aquino

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