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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Scrap a Blinkie – My Style

Two days ago, I wrote about my ordeal about the “blinkie thing”.  Well, I did pass the stage thing of incorporating it in my blog site.  This time, no hitches with the hosting site.  But… and a BIG “BUT”….. I haven’t produced yet a satisfying blinkie of my own.  There are so many exciting and adorable blinkies out there and I have no idea yet how they are done.  What I am after to learn is how they seem to move around (not just simply changing pictures).  Let’s take a peek at some blinkies that I do admire….



There are still a lot of outstanding blinkies but I think I have demonstrated clearly already what message I am trying to impart.  Somehow I have an idea how to do it but what I am thinking would entail a lot of work to do (making numerous images, step-by-step movements).  And I don’t think I have a lot of patience for that now…. :-(

So, for the meantime, I made this blinkie, “my style” which I am posting in my sites, situated at the right corner of my blogs.  I just love the phrase “Live, Laugh and Love” and so I surfed for different variations of it….


There you are… “my blinkie” for the moment…. till I come across a tutorial that will suit my needs ha ha….

Note:  The site I used for doing the blinkie is Picasion, as suggested by Memorykeeper in her tutorial at her site Easy Custom Blogs 

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  1. Hi Tess!how nice of you to featured my blinkie...hehehe ,,,me too don't have any idea how to do it...Jamie dell scrap did it for me...she's making blinkie for free if you will wear her blinkie at your blog...anyway,thanks again my friend for your support.take care!..hugs.Fritzie(chingjp)


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